Chapter 8- Wife's Great Great Great Great Grandfather, his brothers and sisters and their children

Henry Bowman who was born about 1745 in Germany. Henry came to America from Germany when a boy as a stow-away. Having no money to pay his passage he secreted himself on a vessel that was bound for an American port. He was not discovered until the ship was far out at sea, when the Captain took him in charge, and on reaching America sold the unfortunate Henry to a speculator for an amount sufficient to pay his passage. He faithfully served his term of indenture. When he had canceled the debt he was released. After this he went to Little York, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Darr about 1770 in Little York, York County, Pennsylvania. She was born about 1749 in Germany. Her father is Abraham Dan. He was born in 1700 in Germany. Henry and Catherine Bowman located upon a farm near Little York, York County, Pennsylvania where they lived through out their lives. He left a large family of children who became pioneers in western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The following are their names:

a.) John Bowman
b.) Henry Bowman
c.) Catherine Bowman
d.) Samuel Bowman
e.) Elizabeth Bowman
f.) Christian Bowman
g.) Michael Bowman
h.) Mary Bowman
i.) David Bowman
j.) Salome Bowman
k.) George Bowman

Henry died in Pennsylvania. He is buried in the Bair's Meeting House Cemetery, York County, Pennsylvania.

Here is a map to show where Henry lived in Pennsylvania.

Here is a lineage chart for the Bowmans and the Pughs.
This chart starts with my Dad and my Mother.

Here is a Reunion picture taken at the Bowman Reunion in 2002.

Above: A map to show where Henry lived in Pennsylvania

Above: A lineage chart for the Bowmans and the Pughs

From left to right first row: Sheila Poe (Willis Christian Bowman's wife), Linda Ann Bowman, Ted William Bowman, Dale Paul Bowman sitting side ways on the ground with a mustache, Karen Sue Bowman and her husband Alan Dale Lewis. I don't know the names of the children sitting on the ground in the front.

The second row from left to right starting with the second person is: I think it is Keith A. Bowman, Violet L. McGeehen (Franklin George Bowman's wife), Franklin George Bowman, Naomi Pauline Bowman, Anna Ruth Bowman, Fred Leland Bowman, Willis Christian Bowman, Donna Jean (Bowman) Onuska, and Grace Irene Robb (Dale Wayne Bowman's wife).

The third row from left to right is Dean E. Bowman and next his wife Mary Ann Zaplata, person after next is Wanda Lee Hineman (Lee Edward Bowman's wife), Mark Victor Morlan, Charles Moms Morlan (Naomi Padie Bowman's husband), Thomas Lee Faulk (Anna Ruth Bowman's husband), Rose Marie LaManna Lenkey (Fred Leland Bowman's second wife), and on the end of that row is Grace Irene Robb Bowman's new husband, but I don't know his name.

The next row I don't know the people until you get to the person standing between Mark Victor Morlan and his father Charles Moms Morlan and he is Lee Edward Bowman Jr., skip one person and the next person is Larry Dean Bowman.

The Fifth row back from left to right at the end of the row is Barry Lee Bishop, and Gerry Jack Bowman.

The sixth raw from le&to right is David Franklin Bowman, Linda Smallwood (Richard Leonard Bowman"s wife), Richard Leonard Bowman, Charlotte Louise Berg (George Thomas Bowman's wife), and George Thomas Bowman.

This picture was taken at the Bowman Reunion in 2002.