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Project Background:
I started making these maps after learning about the isle de La Palma in the Canary Islands where there is an active volcano called Cumbre Vieja. In the future, seismic activity on the island will cause the western flank to collapse into the Atlantic Ocean. There is no way to know when. It could be tomorrow or 100 years from now. In turn, this landslide will cause a “mega-tsunami” to generate. This tsunami will reach the east coast of the US approximately 6 hours after the collapse causing massive destruction. The estimates for wave height vary from about 2,000-3,000 feet when it impacts the coast. This tsunami will also impact the coasts of Africa (1 hour) and England (3.5 hours).

To see how far inland this would impact, I took a road map, overlaid a topographical map and created a graphic showing where the water level would end up at varying wave heights. I continued to work my way through the east coast states in this manner out of curiosity.

In March of 2011, Japan was hit with a tsunami caused by seismic activity off their coast. At that point, I thought my graphics might be of use to others online so I continued state by state, creating graphics for the west coast of the US. I then looked at the interior states and, although a large coastal wave would have little impact, went on to map how sea level rise would impact those locations. These graphics could also be used to see how slow sea level rise could impact different locations of the US.

NOTE: These are not duplicates of a topographical map. As the oceans rise, some areas lower than that currently sea level may be land-locked so would not be impacted and that is calculated on these graphics. An example would be some of the deserts in the mid-west US that are currently below sea level but are dry due to the surrounding land heights.

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