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Alaska - Current Level
With the Pacific Ring of Fire crossing just off shore, Alaska has had many seismic events causing large wave incidents. A few of the larger waves that have hit the Alaskan shores are listed below. The links are to the NOAA website with details on each.

March 27, 1964 – PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND, AK - 220 feet – 9.2 earthquake

July 9, 1958 - SE. ALASKA - 1720 feet – 8.3 earthquake – (Largest recorded tsunami wave height)

April 1, 1946 - UNIMAK ISLAND, AK - 114 feet (138 according to Northwestern University Emile Okal) – 8.1 earthquake and possible landslide (8.5 according to Emile) – Left dead in Alaska, Hawaii, US West coast and South America

1899 – YAKUTAT BAY, AK - 200 feet – 8.2 earthquake

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